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The Mythical Man-Month

Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

One of the most famous (and also most quoted) books about software project management and development. It mixes facts and thought-provoking statements.
Software Project Survival Guide

Steve McConnell

A “light” version of “Rapid Development” from the same author. In nineteen chapters Steve McConnell gives best his practices of software development processes.
Game Producers Handbook

Dan Irish

Solid summary of the Video Game Producer position. It includes a lot of good tips and best practices as well as a series of interviews.

Garr Reynolds

The best book I know about Power Point slides, presentation techniques and pitching in general. The author shows how to reach an audience through simplicity and storytelling.
Rapid Development

Steve McConnell

By far the best book on project management I know. Long before the Agile Manifesto and SCRUM McConnell wrote this compendium about rapid-development strategies.
Team Leadership in the Game Industry

Seth Spaulding

Excellent read for everyone in charge of running a team in the game industry. It specifically deals with the unique challenges of managing a group of talented creatives.
Project Management Body of Knowledge

PMI (Project Management Institute)

An industry standard book which has been recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Created by the Project Management Institute (PMI).